October 2010
Paying Too Much
Enjoy Your Day
Today was a perfect spring day. Sunny but not too hot, hardly a cloud in the sky. I decided to go for a drive and ended up in the township of Malmsbury, about 55km south of Bendigo along the old Calder Highway. Nestled on the Coliban River is the 150-year old Malmsbury Botanic Gardens which, as you can see below, is a great spot for photos.

Leaving town, I bought a drink and the girl behind the counter said "enjoy your day."

"Hard not to on a day like today," I replied.

Birds Are Swaying, Trees Are Singing
Birds Are Swaying, Trees Are Singing by RichardHillPhoto.com
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Calling All Cars
Calling All Cars shreds it up at La Trobe
Calling All Cars shreds it up at La Trobe by RichardHillPhoto.com
ROCK: Haydn (front) and James Ing of Australian band Calling All Cars perform at La Trobe University, Bendigo, on October 5, 2010. Published in the Bendigo Advertiser on October 13, 2010. See more photos from the gig on Facebook.
Water, Water, Everywhere...
Water, water, everywhere...
Water, water, everywhere... by RichardHillPhoto.com
CLEANUP: A firefighter mops up after a small fire in a cafe and subsequent sprinkler activation at the Bendigo Marketplace on Thursday evening.